Matcha Green Tea Powder V’s Leaves

Matcha v's green teaYou’ve heard about the wonders of Matcha green tea, a Japanese tea that utilizes the entire leaf of the tea plant to give you a serving of tea that offers you more than typical green tea. That’s all well and good, but now you have to decide if you want to go with Matcha green tea powder or with typical green tea that uses the leaves, steeped in bags when you stock up on your own supply of this healthy beverage. Know the facts before you get ready to place your order and learn about the power of Matcha.

What’s the Big Excitement About Matcha Green Tea?

Green tea is nothing new. It’s been around for ages and recently, health enthusiasts can’t praise this beverage enough. Green tea’s secret revolves around antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in many sources. Plants are the best place to find these powerful substances that go to war against free radicals in your body. Free radicals are the destructive forces that damage your body’s cells, leading to major health problems and accelerated aging. When you choose to drink Matcha green tea instead, you are indulging in a beverage that has been perfected by the Japanese. It uses every part of the leaf. In so doing, it will give you more antioxidants in every serving. Opt for Matcha and you’re going to get the power of ten cups of your normal brand of green tea in each bowl or cup. Matcha green tea will help you to get your metabolism working at optimal levels, firing up your system. You’ll find that it’s much easier to keep your weight under control when you embrace the power of Matcha. It’s good for your immune system, your cardiovascular system, and your blood sugar levels. Drink Matcha and you may be tapping into the elixir of life. The Japanese have been enjoying its benefits for ages. You can experience its powerful properties as well in powder form. You’ll get more than you would from green tea leaves in other forms.

What’s Best? Matcha Green Tea Powder or Green Tea Leaves?

When you are considering green tea, you can opt for Matcha in powder form or typical green tea that involves steeping the leaves. If you go with the powder form, it is the easiest way to go. You’ll need a few supplies, such as a sifter or strainer, a bowl for your tea, and a whisk. Bamboo whisks will give you an authentic experience. You need to measure out your tea powder. You won’t need more than two teaspoons of this highly concentrated powder that has utilized the entire tea leaf. Add hot water. If you’ve boiled your water, let it cool slightly. Finally, whisk your mixture until you have a frothy, green delight that is good for your body and mind. It will give you the gift of tranquility in every cup, as well as the assurance that you are helping your body. Matcha powder offers you more than typical green tea leaves. You aren’t getting as concentrated of a blend of tea leaves when you go with green tea in other forms. When you steep it with boiling water, you lose some of your antioxidants as well. If you want more than 130 times the regular amount of antioxidants, load up with Matcha green tea in the powder form.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Benefits and Review by Boost Healthy


Do Yourself a Favor and Experience Matcha

You won’t know the difference that Matcha green tea can make until you try it for yourself. Make it a part of your daily routine, drink it several times a day, and you will be experiencing a powerful cleanse that detoxifies your entire body. Get rid of what you don’t need and fire up your system. Watch the fat burn, keep your blood sugar under control, and give your brain the benefit that is hidden within Matcha. Matcha is a present that you give to yourself. When you drink up using this powerful powder, you are taking a step toward a long, healthy future. When you can stave off the debilitating effects of the aging process, you’ll have much more to live for each day. Make Matcha your partner in giving your body the best.




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Try Matcha and Find Out What it Can Do for You

When you browse the store on  Matcha Green Tea Lover, you will find only the best brands of Matcha green tea. Get your full supply of powder so that you can take this important step toward enjoying its benefits. You won’t know the power of Matcha until you start making it a part of your regimen. Think of Matcha as being as important as a visit to the doctor’s office, your daily vitamins, and your fitness routine.

It’s time to browse your selection and get your first sample. Once you order your first batch of Matcha green tea, you’ll be back for more. It’s invigorating and will open your eyes to what the Japanese knew about all along. If you want the healthier approach and choose to go with natural solutions, Matcha green tea is the right choice for you.

If you want to get more out of your daily tea and you really love to have a cup or two, consider the power of powder and Matcha green tea to liven up your day in a whole new way.

Matcha Green Tea Powder V’s Leaves

Matcha v's green tea

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